Botany for Kids joined the Adopt-a-Plot program with Friends of Balboa Park in September of 2014, in preparation for the centennial. We were incredibly fortunate to have gotten the plot we did, in front of the lily pond, right at the heart of Balboa Park. Maintaining the plot requires a great deal of time, energy, and creativity. The plot has the capacity for at least twenty-five different flowering plants each day of the year; it is a perpetual flower garden, an ever-changing, interactive community art installation. Our theory for any garden is to create the most beautiful thing on the planet. Currently, we host basic gardening classes for home schooled students, as well as open volunteer gardening opportunities every third Saturday at the lily pond.

Visit us at the San Diego County Fair 2019

to see our Munchkin Garden!

“And upon her fell the warm rays of the kindliest sun
that any country has ever known
- or ever will know -
and brought to the little maid forgetfulness of all her woes.”

— By L. Frank Baum, excerpted from Nelebel’s Fairyland